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Being a DM Sucks



Beware, this is me being frustrated with my players.

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Maybe it’s just me coming off of a 3 year Old School campaign with more character death than you can shake a stick at, but I think you should have let them get killed. Note that I did not say that you should…

you make some very valid points, and in this light, you are right, I made a mistake. Most of these guys, its their first campaign, and the few PC deaths that have happened, well… I dunno, they get so… mopey about it, and it makes me feel bad. I try to avoid Player deaths unless the dice deem it so, or they do something plain old stupid, but perhaps i am being too soft with them. maybe someone would have been able to down this witch after that fireball. or maybe everyone would have died. Well, the game is still going, and another big fight will be coming soon. Ill try to put this into practice.

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